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business design

At methners I combine creative business consulting with a lean management and expert sourcing to provide clients with tried and true support in the creation and implementation of strategic concepts as well as creative and managing direction within project-based interdisciplinary teams.

My aim is to create sustainable output in product innovation, brand design, marketing and corporate development with a holistic full-service approach provided by an agile and responsive network of experts.

Originating from design for major brands in the fashion industry and with clients ranging from start-ups to big players in diverse fields like production industry, service providers, cultural initiatives or public services.

One of the most valuable resources we have is our vast linked network of talented professionals, agencies and corporations enabling quick access to know-how and technology with a hands-on approach.

  • Business Administration & Ventures

  • Creative & Managing Direction

  • Facilitation & Change Management 

  • Performance & Fashion Design

  • Artistic & Subcultural Background

  • Innovation Management & Processes

  • Distributiv & Decentralised Ways of Work  

  •  Brand Design & Marketing Communication

  • Circular Economy & Product Sourcing

  • Heritage to Future Approach

  • Research & Benchmarking

  • New Ways of Working & HR- Innovations

  • Sustainability & Corporate Culture

  • Future of Fashion